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RecoverMyDrive – A New Breed Of Data Recovery in Vancouver, BC

Everyone loses data at some point. Whether you emptied your Recycle Bin too soon or a power surge took out your company’s server, accidents happen. Data recovery shouldn’t be reserved for the elite with deep pockets. At RecoverMyDrive, we believe everyone has a right to affordable data recovery services. In a world where budget and recovery aren’t usually heard together, we’re here to save the day and your data.

If you’ve ever experienced data loss from a failed hard drive, you’ve probably already researched your options. Until now, you’ve had three options:

  • Accept the loss and move on
  • Try to recover the data yourself
  • Spend over $1000 for a professional service with no guarantees

None of these really sound like good options. What if you’re a small business with limited funds, but the lost data could make or break your business? What if you’re an individual with a damaged drive full of years of precious photos? Neither scenario can just move on after the loss. That leaves the next two options.

If you’ve just been hit with a mild virus, you might be able to use basic recovery software to get your files back. However, most hard drive recovery issues require advanced tools, software and a clean room. Otherwise, you risk permanently losing everything on the drive.

RecoverMyDrive is now changing your third option. Our professional data recovery services are just $700. This is a flat rate fee with no hidden charges or “special circumstances” like you’ll encounter with other recovery specialists in Vancouver, British Columbia. Welcome to the new, more affordable solution to recover data quickly and efficiently.

The Search For Data Recovery Stops Here

We’re not about to tell you we’re the only data recovery specialists in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re not the first and we won’t be the last. We’re just the only company you’ll ever need should your hard drive fail. It doesn’t matter how complex the damage is. We handle it all.

Are you a business owner trying to recover data after the roof leaked and ruined your server room? Don’t pay thousands to recover the data from a single drive. Pay just $700 and we’ll put our proprietary software, years of expertise, specialized tools and clean room to work for you. If the damage is too severe and the data is lost, you pay nothing. That’s not a guarantee you’ll find anywhere else.

Have you been meaning to back up your photos and important documents to the cloud, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Now you’ve dropped your laptop and it won’t turn on. What’s next? Call RecoverMyDrive and get your data back now! Is the damage so severe it requires our most advanced recovery processes? Not a problem. It’s still just $700.

Are you trying to get your business off the ground and your customers expect a tight turn around time? What happens when a power surge fries your system and you’re left without access to any of your files? Do you just deal with the loss and end up losing customers or do you fight back and use the most affordable, high-quality data recovery service around? That’s right. You call us. We’ll expedite the recovery and have you back up and running within 24 to 48 hours. Once again, it’s just $700.

Don’t Accept Anything But The Best

For many, our lives are stored on our hard drives. From personal to business, a single jolt or virus could leave you feeling lost. This doesn’t have to be your reality. We offer the best service at the best price. No hidden fees, no sudden changes to your quote. When we say $700, we mean $700.

Don’t let those supposed flat rates from other Vancouver companies fool you. There’s no fine print with us. What you see is exactly what you get. If we can’t help you, you pay nothing. There’s not evaluation fees or “we tried” fees. If we can’t recover your data, we don’t charge you.

Get your data back today! Don’t wait any longer or accept sub-par service. Contact RecoverMyDrive today and end your data loss nightmare.


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Who We Are

Take a moment to think about everything you store on your computer. Most of us have anything from business information to irreplaceable personal files. Imagine booting your computer one day only to discover all your important documents and once in a lifetime family photos and videos of your little ones are gone. No matter how many precautions you might take, data loss could happen to you. The question is, what do you do next?

At Recovermydrive in Vancouver, we understand exactly what you’re going through. We’ve been in the data recovery business for almost a decade and offer state of the art recovery services to get your data back in your hands as quickly as possible. We don’t believe you should have to settle for losing your files forever. We believe it’s your data and deserve to have it back.


Our Mission

Our founders have watched far too many individuals and businesses accept defeat after a hard drive failure. They’ve heard the horror stories after someone went to another data recovery company only to discover they couldn’t afford the recovery or the company didn’t have the equipment needed to retrieve data.

Our mission is to change this. Not only are our services effective, but they’re affordable. We took an innovative approach to data recovery. We offer a completely honest and upfront flat rate fee that covers all types of failures from logical to physical. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just an easy to understand and affordable fee to recover the irreplaceable.

State Of The Art Recovery

We’re proud to offer state of the art diagnostic tools along with both Stage 1 and Stage 2 recovery equipment at several locations in Vancouver. The majority of the hard drives we receive are handled by our Stage 2 equipment. However, about 35% do require a clean room for a Stage 3 recovery type.

Our expert technicians are available to handle all three stages of services. However, drives requiring Stage 3 recovery are sent overnight to our main data recovery lab and only require three business days for the recovery process. While many businesses only offer certain stages, we offer all three for the best chance at recovering as much of your data as possible.

At Recovermydrive’s main lab, we have over 4000 donor hard drives in stock that are used for parts. This extensive inventory allows us to perform usually expensive Stage 3 recoveries at our unbeatable price. It’s not something you’ll find anywhere else.

No matter how in-depth the recovery, all of our services are offered at a flat rate of $700. No surprise fees or changes to your quote. It’s only $700. Even though it’s so affordable, we stand proudly behind our work and offer the highest quality of customer service.

Guaranteed Results

It’s a no risk data recovery with us. If we can’t recover any data, you don’t pay a thing. Our no data – no fee policy is just another way we put the customers first. Don’t just toss your crashed hard drive. Send it to us for the most effective and affordable recovery services in Vancouver. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.