Flash Drive Stopped Working

Flash drives are the go to compact devices for transferring and backing up files along with having portable operating systems. They are convenient and highly compatible, making us feel they’re invincible. However, they’re pretty easy to damage.

At Recoverymydrive in Vancouver, we see damaged flash drives regularly. We work with all brands, but Lexar, Kingston and Sandisk come are the most frequent ones we see. If your drive is damaged and it contains data you do not want to lose, our data recovery experts are ready to recover your data.

Our flash drive data recovery services are extremely effective yet affordable. Simple recoveries are free while more advanced recoveries only require a small fee. We believe everyone should have access to their data which is why we offer straight-forward recoveries and great rates. We make the choice about data recovery easy.

Flash Drive Damage

Even though flash drives are more durable than hard drives, they are still easy to damage when they’re bent, stuck by power surges, exposed to extreme heat or water. Damage from incorrect use is also common. Of course, wear and tear is also a problem as the connector weakens from constant use. Plus, most are only designed to go through around 1500 insert and remove cycles.

Luckily, recovery is possible even after your computer stops recognizing the drive in most cases. When this happens, do not try using the drive again or you could further damage it. If the USB plug itself is damaged, do not try to use it or you may damage the drive and your computer’s USB port. The best thing you can do is to contact a data recovery expert that specializes in flash drives.

In most cases, Recoverymydrive’s experts are able to recovery your precious data and get it back in your hands quickly.

Basic Recovery Service

We offer simple and advanced flash drive recovery services. Technically, you could perform the simple or basic one at home, but if you do not use the right tools or do it correctly, you could lose your data forever.

For the basic recovery, we first analyze the drive to see how bad the damage is. Anything that can be fixed/recovered with help of using a soldering iron and rework station is considered to be basic recovery. Once we determine the problematic generic (not unique) component, we then replace it with an identical component off a compatible drive we have on hand. For instance, we may replace the connectors, oscillators, fuses or resisters. We then see if the data is readable, or not. Flat rate fee for basic recovery is $200 in case of successful recovery only.

Advanced Recovery Service

Advanced flash drive recoveries are more complex, but as long as the memory chips are not damaged and readable by our NAND flash readers, you can usually expect a full recovery. When basic repair/recovery is not an option we attempt to extract and reconstruct your data directly from the memory components that are storing your files on the flash drive. Advanced recovery service fee is $700 in case of successful recovery.

We use our own custom NAND flash chip readers to read the chips and extract as much raw data as possible. We then use our in house recovery equipment to substitute for the flash drive’s controller, which allows raw data to be processed.

We try to recover every single byte of data, but sometimes the damage is too severe. You will be able review the recovery results prior to release of the data and payment collection.

Get Help Now

Recovermydrive utilizes latest data recovery technology to help prevent data loss. Our free evaluation process and no data no fee guarantee make the recovery process completely risk free. All of the basic recovery cases are turned around in 24-48 hours, and advanced services takes 3-4 business days to complete.

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